Maintenance techniques for ripstop canvas fabric

- Aug 30, 2018-

When custom-made work clothes, often choose some more durable fabrics, ripstop canvas fabric is a more used one. Although the wear resistance of the rupture resistant canvas fabric is better, it needs to be maintained to prolong its service life.


After the ripstop canvas fabric is cleaned, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry naturally. Do not put it in the place where it is exposed to the sun or put it at a high temperature. The force should be soft and even when cleaning, and the brush should not be used to avoid breaking the wire or brushing off the shoe. Patterns and decorative parts; avoid contact with sharp, sharp objects to prevent scratches and scratches.


For white rupture canvas fabrics, do not touch hard-to-clean items such as carbon ink; after cleaning the color canvas, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder. Pay attention to uniformity, then dry it to prevent discoloration; or find two pieces of white clean paper on top, dry it and tear it off, and prevent discoloration.