Material description of elastic satin

- Nov 15, 2017-

The material of elastic satin is cotton yarn.

Organization structure: Satin texture or satin change organization

Ingredient: Elastic Satin

Weft Composition: Elastic satin

Satin Fabric (Satin) is a textile woven from a satin weave of three basic fabric tissues.

The warp or weft of a satin fabric formed in a fabric of some individual, the unconnected tissue point or weft tissue point, almost all of the fabric by the warp or weft cover, the surface appears to have diagonal, but not like the diagonal lines have obvious diagonal lines, warp and weft yarn weaving less times, with a smooth bright appearance, texture is softer and so on. But the long lines in the satin fabric are easy to wear, fluff or fiber-like, which is less intense than plain and twill fabrics.