Material of Colored Cotton Polyester Plain Fabric

- Jan 01, 2021-

Colored Cotton Polyester Plain Fabric is a general term for a large class of fabrics. It is a fabric woven from cotton fiber and other fibers blended into yarn. According to the different blended materials, it can be divided into three types: cotton/nylon, nylon/cotton and polyester/cotton. In our daily life, the most common is the blended fabric of polyester and cotton yarn, which has good elasticity and is very thick. It is often used to make coats and other clothes. The shrinkage rate of cotton blended fabric is relatively low, the air permeability is better, and the color matching is softer and easy to match with clothes, but it also has some shortcomings of its own, such as easy pilling and not as firm as wool and wool-polyester blended fabrics.