Natural properties and flexibility of cotton polyester stretch fabric

- Oct 18, 2018-

In the process of using cotton polyester stretch fabric, whether it is blended cotton polyester fabric or interwoven cotton polyester fabric, the cotton content will be far greater than the polyester content during the operation, and the natural performance of the surface is more prominent and comfortable. The performance will also be greatly increased, so the blended cotton polyester fabric (CVC) grade is higher than the general polyester-cotton fabric; and the interwoven cotton polyester fabric can be designed with polyester polyester fabric in addition to the appearance of cotton fabric. It is rich in variety and has a wide variety of functions. It has been widely used in shirts and various windbreaker jackets and slacks.


Cotton polyester stretch fabric has good flexibility, elasticity and good hand feeling. It is easy to care for when used, and is not easy to wrinkle. It can be well blended with other fibers. After a certain process, it has the characteristics of good color, comfortable and breathable. The current elastic cotton has more advantages. On the one hand, it has better compressive and tensile properties and elasticity in the longitudinal and transverse directions. On the other hand, the adhesion and sealing between the fibers are better, so that It has a good performance in terms of strength, life and heat preservation.


Cotton polyester stretch fabric is very soft, so it's very easy to stretch your T-shirt or clothes during the cleaning process. It can be easily cleaned with detergent or soap.