Nylon cotton canvas fabric consumer market is optimistic

- Nov 22, 2018-

Nylon cotton canvas fabric is a fabric that people love very much. This fabric is not only cheap but also has a variety of styles, so it has occupied the market for a long time. At the same time, Nylon Cotton Canvas Fabrics are also adapted to the needs of modern people for "pursuing new ideas, seeking beauty, and seeking fashion". They have won the favor of consumers and the sales are quite optimistic.


The nylon-cotton canvas fabric also has the comfort and breathability of a cotton fabric. In the weaving, the warp yarn is made of semi-gloss nylon yarn - 6FDY210D, the weft yarn is made of worsted artificial cotton yarn 40s/2, and the fabric is made of 2/2 heavy plain weave in air jet loom. After dyeing and finishing, the fabric is dyed. In addition to the herringbone modification of nylon yarn, the front is also rich in artificial cotton yarn, and its style is more charming and glamorous. The fabric also has the color and softness of nylon.


In terms of color, nylon cotton canvas fabrics are especially popular in special black, light green, pink, light gray, beige, and snow blue. It can be used not only for men's and women's casual wear, but also for bags. In short, the reason why Jinmian canvas is widely loved is that the price of the fabric is not expensive, and it is in line with the consumer price of “mid-range price and high-quality enjoyment”.