Nylon pure woven fabric

- Mar 16, 2021-

Various fabrics woven from nylon silk, such as nylon taffeta, nylon crepe, etc. Because it is woven with nylon filament, it has the characteristics of smooth hand feeling, firmness and durability, and moderate price. It also has the shortcomings that the fabric is easy to wrinkle and is not easy to recover. 1. Taslon Taslon is a kind of nylon fabric, including jacquard taslon, honeycomb taslon, full dull taslon and so on. (1) Jacquard Taslon: the warp yarn is 76dtex nylon filament, and the weft yarn is 167dtex nylon air textured yarn; the fabric structure adopts double flat jacquard structure to interweave on the water jet loom. The fabric grey cloth has a width of 165cm and a weight of 158g per square meter. There are varieties of different shades of purple, grass green, and light green. The fabric has the advantages of not easy to fade and wrinkle, and strong color fastness.