Overview of Brocade cotton fabric

- Nov 15, 2017-

Brocade Cotton (wire fabric) (Matel silk fabric) to polyester/cotton, Kam Cotton, kam polyester, cotton wire fabric mainly, wire content in general around 5%, nearly two years began to market, is currently a popular market on a high value-added fabric, it has anti-static, anti-radiation, flashing luster and other properties, Widely used in scientific research, military hi-tech and electronics, medical industry and so on.

Wire fabric is generally cotton and polyester or nylon accounted for more than 90%, the rest of the ingredients are wire. Wire fabric refers to the metal by High-tech wire-drawing processing into metal fiber into the lining of a high-grade fabric, the overall fabric, wire about 3%~8% around, generally the same level of technology, wire accounted for the higher the proportion of more expensive. Because of the implanted wire, the overall color of the fabric bright, if there is metal light, can reflect the unique luster of metal. But it is necessary to note that the characteristics of wire fabric is not only in the metallic luster, but also electrostatic, with radiation and other functions, more conducive to the adjustment of all aspects of the body.