Performance characteristics and application of ripstop nylon cotton fabric

- Nov 16, 2018-

Ripstop nylon cotton fabric has high added value. This fabric has a metallic luster, and it is very tangible, elegant and gorgeous. It also has the function of conductive shielding, so it is widely used in scientific research, military high-tech and electronics. , the medical industry, etc. Anti-breaking nylon cotton fabric is a popular high value-added fabric on the market. It has the properties of static elimination, radiation resistance and glittering luster.


In the weaving process, the anti-breaking nylon cotton fabric is interwoven, the surface of the fabric has a metallic luster, faintly flickering, and changes with the change of the light source. Metal filaments have special rigidity and variable bending, so the fabric has a special variable shape memory wrinkle effect.


This ripstop nylon cotton fabric is very durable and has the functional effects of a health concept such as radiation protection and antistatic. Due to the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for the manufacture of men's and women's fashion coats, high-grade casual cotton coats, casual down jackets, and more elegant, luxurious, romantic and tasteful.