Polyester Cloth is moisture resistant and easy to clean

- Apr 30, 2019-

The polyester cloth is more shaded, lighter and ventilated when used. It can eliminate up to 86% of solar radiation, keep indoor air clear, and clearly see outdoor scenery, heat insulation, polyester fiber sun fabric has good thermal insulation properties not found in other fabrics, greatly reducing indoor air conditioning Usage rate.


Polyester fabric can effectively prevent UV rays, and its polyester sun fabric can withstand up to 95% of UV rays. Polyester fabrics have flame retardant properties not found in other fabrics. The real polyester fiber fabric will retain the internal skeleton glass fiber after burning, so it will not be deformed, and the ordinary fabric will not have any residue after burning.


The moisture resistance of the polyester cloth is that the bacteria cannot be propagated to a certain extent. The fabric will not be mildewed during the operation, and the polyester fiber is liable to generate static electricity, and is soaked and washed with a softener. The size is constant. The fabric itself determines that it is not malleable, does not deform, and maintains its flatness for a long time.

The polyester cloth is easy to clean and can be washed in clean water. Anti-tear. No need for reinforcement, natural tear resistance, significant resistance to wind and frequent use. Polyester has many excellent textile properties and performance. It can be used in pure textiles or blended with natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and hemp and other chemical fibers. It is made into a variety of colors, firm and scratchy. It is easy to dry, non-scaling and washable. It can be worn like wool, imitation cotton, imitation silk and imitation linen.