Polyester nylon cotton fabric is the best choice for casual wear

- May 16, 2019-

The raw materials of polyester nylon cotton fabric include polyester, brocade and cotton, the content is 46% polyester, 20% brocade, 34% cotton), the conventional specification is 130×70, and the fabric is woven by advanced air jet looms. After the superb dyeing and finishing process, the fabric feels soft and smooth, the cotton has good sensibility, the color is beautiful, and the appearance is novel. It can not only make fashion, suit, but also down jacket, etc. After being installed on the upper body, it is comfortable and fashionable, attractive and attractive.


The polyester-cotton fabric has a width of 57 inches and a weight of 250 grams per meter. The color is mainly brown, light navy, and camel ash. It has the unique advantages of soft touch, good drape, fine texture, beautiful appearance, three colors, new style, durable wear and easy washing. It is the best choice for casual clothing.


Generally, it can be divided into thin, plain, flat, twill, and satin. No matter which one must be carefully dry-cleaned, it should not be wringed out, dried in the shade or dried on the opposite side. From the current point of view, polyester-cotton fabrics are more suitable for making cotton clothes, casual jackets, trousers, windbreakers, outdoor wear, to meet the different needs of people.