Production methods and characteristics of polyester nylon cotton material

- Jul 11, 2019-

As people's living standards continue to improve, people's requirements for clothing performance continue to increase. The fabric gloss, feel and style of the fabrics used to make garments have attracted more and more attention. The cotton fabric has a good appearance and feel, but the strength is weak; although the strength of the chemical fiber is good, it lacks the feel of the cotton fabric. Therefore, we recommend that you use polyester-cotton cotton materials.


The appearance of this fabric is compact and delicate, and the unique waxy feel of polyester-cotton composite yarn is fully reflected. The polyester-cotton material is composed of warp yarn, weft yarn and weft yarn. The warp yarn is 7 polyester-cotton composite yarn, the weft yarn is 160D polyester-cotton composite yarn, and the weft yarn is 32S cotton. The weft yarn and weft yarn alternately appear.


The polyester nylon cotton material produced by the above process has both the appearance and feel of the cotton fabric, and the strength of the chemical fiber fabric. In addition, the fabric market is very broad, ideal for high-end jackets and windbreakers, giving people different wearing experiences.