Production process and performance characteristics of cotton nylon plain fabric

- Aug 31, 2018-

Cotton nylon plain fabric is a kind of superior quality and unique style. It is made of warp nylon and weft yarn made of cotton yarn J/C. It is made of plain weave and weaved on air jet loom. .


At the time of production, it is usually processed through deep processing such as threading, pre-shrinking, shaping, coloring, dyeing and finishing, and the processing procedure can be slightly adjusted according to the requirements of the warehouse. The cotton nylon plain fabric has the advantages of warm winter and cool summer, soft, elastic, breathable, small shrinkage, not easy to hook up, not easy to pilling, smooth and firm wrinkle, easy to care, effectively prevent moisture absorption and re-sticking, and not lost The simple texture of cotton fabric is much better than that of pure cotton, which is easy to wrinkle and adhere after moisture absorption.


In addition to the softness and comfort of cotton fabrics, cotton nylon plain fabric also have the anti-wrinkle and abrasion resistance of nylon fabrics. This kind of fabric has won the favor of the majority of women with its soft appearance, vertical inner feeling and other rare features. The women's casual pants or suit pants made of this fabric are unique. Cotton quilted fabrics can be dyed according to customers' needs. The current market demand is generally beige, sky blue and orange.