Production process and practical use of polyester nylon cotton cloth

- Jul 02, 2019-

Polyester nylon cotton cloth is not only a rising star of double-layer fabric, but also an ideal fabric for keeping warm in the cold. The fabric of the fabric is made of 75D polyester/nylon composite yarn and 32S artificial cotton yarn. It is made of fine plain weave, weaved on air jet loom, and then processed into waterproof polyester cotton fabric by stereotype, dyeing, PVC coating and waterproofing agent treatment. 


The ultra-fine polyester/cotton fabric is woven on the air jet loom with T/N75D+40S as the raw material. After double spraying and superb dyeing and finishing process, it fully utilizes its principle characteristics, so that the soft feel and texture are felt. Fine, drape, good appearance, durable and easy to wash.


Made of 40S ultra-fine polyester cotton, it makes the velvet more delicate and softer. Wearing the upper body, it also reflects the high-end feelings of casual wear and enhances the taste of the fabric. It is suitable for making jackets, windbreakers, first-hand clothes, children's wear and other clothing. It is light and warm, and has no pressure.