Production process and product characteristics of cotton nylon poplin fabric

- Sep 13, 2018-

Cotton nylon poplin fabric is a kind of product that attracts customers with its superior quality and unique style. The fabric is made of warp nylon and weft yarn is made of cotton yarn J/C. It is made of plain weave, 1/2 twill, 3/. 1 Twill, cavalry and other organizational structures are woven on air jet loom.


When making cotton nylon poplin fabrics, it needs to be processed through deep processing such as threading, pre-shrinking, shaping, color dyeing and finishing, and the processing procedure can be slightly adjusted according to the requirements of the bourgeoisie. In addition to the softness and comfort of cotton fabrics, the fabric also has the anti-wrinkle and abrasion resistance of nylon fabrics.


Cotton nylon poplin fabrics can be dyed according to customers' needs. The current market demand is generally beige, sky blue and orange. As a very common cotton fabric, it is mainly divided into two types, one is polyester cotton and the other is cotton poplin.


Since the finishing of the fabric has a great influence on its breathability and moisture permeability, which contributes to the improvement of the moisture absorption of the fabric, the cotton brocade fabric will adopt such a process in the processing process, thereby meeting the actual requirements of the fabric.