Production process of waterproof canvas fabric

- Jul 07, 2018-

The waterproof canvas fabric has obvious features, and it is very durable and has strong breaking strength, tear elongation and tearing strength. Waterproof canvas fabric is a canvas made of special technology for waterproofing or moisture proof, moisture proof and cold protection. It generally refers to a series of plastic coated fabrics.


For the moment, tarpaulin fabrics are mainly made of fiber fabrics and chemical filling materials, and are produced by dip, coating, scraping, baking and cold production processes. In actual production, there are currently two production processes, one is horizontal machine machinery production, and the other is vertical machine machinery production. The performance of the products obtained by these two processes is somewhat different.


In comparison, when using the vertical machine to produce and process waterproof canvas fabrics, the quality requirements of raw materials are strict, and it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials have a certain purity. Therefore, in the market, the waterproof canvas fabrics that are often produced by the vertical machine are slightly more expensive, and the purity of this type of canvas products is also high.