Quality Evaluation of satin fabrics

- Nov 15, 2017-

To distinguish the merits and demerits of the satin should be compared in the yarn branch and density.

Yarn Branch

Standard principle: The thickness of the yarn count is 12 cotton made of 30 1 meters of yarn, that is 30 (30), 12 cotton is made 40 long 1 meters of yarn, that is 40 (40S), 12 cotton made 60 long yarn, that is 1 (60S).

Satin large jacquard printing fabric

Basic concept: Textile industry commonly used 30, 40, 60, etc. to describe the fabric quality of yarn weaving.

Standard background: Satin also tells the number of yarn count.

Industry selection: Satin texture of the bed is rarely used more than 60 yarn support production, General Choice $number Branch. Because the fabric of high yarn is too thin, it is not suitable for making bedding. 80 of the cloth in the domestic few factories can be made.


Standard background: In the industry, satin fabric is basic not to talk about the number of, (such as 110x90,128x68,65x78,133x72), because the number of options is very small, generally have 30S and 40S, 60S is rarely used.

Standard principle: Satin fabric stresses density, that is, the highest density in the unit area of the highest index for top grade. In other words: In the unit area, warp, weft branch (root) Number of fabric quality better.

Calculation method: Warp, weft branches above 30, fabric density (dense + weft dense) in 180/square inches of fabric called high density fabric. such as 40 branch of Satin 133x95 belong to the high branch of low density, 40 of the $number X124 belong to high density.