Satin weave of Colored Polyester Cotton Blend Twill Fabric for Shirt

- Jan 19, 2021-

Separate, discontinuous warp weave points (or weft weave points) are regularly and evenly distributed in the organization cycle. Such an organization is called a satin weave. The individual points of the satin weave are covered by the floating long lines of another system yarn on both sides, and the surface of the fabric shows warp floating long lines (or weft floating long lines), so the fabric surface is shiny, soft and smooth.

The parameters of the satin weave are: ① R≧5 (except 6); ② 1 <S <R-1, and it is a constant; ③ R and S must be prime numbers with each other. In the satin weave, when the floating length is longer, a single organization point can be covered by the floating length of another system yarn on both sides. For this reason, R≧5 (except 6).