Several issues before printing and dyeing leisure fabrics?

- Feb 29, 2020-

First, let's take a look at why the problem of low gross efficiency occurs. After analysis, we summarized the main reasons, which are:
1. The proportion of alkali oxygen is unreasonable, and the process conditions are not well regulated, resulting in that the slurry and impurities are not removed cleanly;
2. The liquid volume of rolling alkali rolling is not high, and passive rolling is adopted;
3. The temperature of the padding working fluid exceeds the temperature of the casual fabric;
4. After the cold reactor has not been treated with high-temperature hot alkali, the washing temperature is unreasonable and the washing is insufficient.

In response to this problem, the measures we should take are: firstly, optimize the production process, determine a reasonable process, and ensure that the conditions meet the requirements; secondly, increase the rolling rate and adopt a coiling method that is actively driven by the center roller; thirdly, The impurities are removed cleanly; the fourth Si'an should make the temperature of the padding working fluid lower than the temperature of the leisure fabric; the fifth is that after the cold reactor, it should be treated with high temperature hot alkali first, and then washed with high efficiency.