Several principles for cleaning casual fabric stains?

- Mar 05, 2020-

Everyone should know that if the stains on the casual fabrics are relatively long, it will be more difficult to remove them. So we should clean it as soon as possible after staining. This is because if it is not cleaned for a long time, these stains will gradually penetrate into the fiber, and will be firmly combined with the fiber, and even a chemical reaction will occur, so it will be difficult to remove.

Secondly, for different stains, different treatment methods should be selected. For casual fabrics, we need to choose the appropriate detergent and cleaning method based on the properties of the stain. In addition, when selecting a detergent, we need to know the fiber composition of the fabric in advance to avoid improper selection, which may cause damage to some fibers or affect the color of the fabric.

Finally, when cleaning, you must ensure that the movement is light and accurate, and you cannot use a hard and violent hard brush. Specifically, when decontaminating casual fabrics, the decontamination action should be kept brisk, and it is best to wipe from the periphery to the center of the stain. This can effectively prevent the stain from spreading outward and ensure better decontamination effect .