Softness, stiffness and fullness of the Herringbone Twill Fabric

- Apr 09, 2019-

The stiffness of the Herringbone Twill Fabric


When the herringbone oblique fabric touches the fabric, it feels rigid, the opponent's reaction force, and the feeling of elasticity and fullness. For example, the feel of a high density fabric made of elastic fibers and yarns. To make the fabric stiff, it should use coarser fibers, increase fiber modulus, increase yarn tightness and weaving density.


Softness of herringbone oblique fabric


The softness of the herringbone oblique fabric refers to the softness, lightness, fluffiness, smooth feel, stiffness, flatness and slipperiness of the hand. The fabric has a soft feeling, which can improve the bulkiness of the yarn, and the finer yarn is selected, and the weaving density cannot be too high.


The fullness of the herringbone oblique fabric


The fabric of the herringbone oblique fabric has good fluffiness and gives a feeling of looseness and fullness. The compression rebound is good, giving a warm and thick feeling.


The suppleness of the herringbone oblique fabric


The herringbone oblique fabric follows the soft deformation of the body surface.