Stretch blend fabric with both elasticity and strength

- May 03, 2019-

Cloth is a commonly used material in decorative materials. Including chemical fiber carpet, non-woven wall cloth, linen, nylon cloth, color tape, flannel and other fabrics. Blended stretch fabric is a common fabric. In order to improve its application and extend its service life, elastic blend fabrics are required to combine elasticity and strength.


The stretch blend fabrics an elastic layer, the elastic layer is woven from elastic blended fibers, and the center of the elastic blended fiber is a thermoplastic elastomer fiber, and the thermoplastic elastomer fiber is wound by polyester fiber and spandex fiber, and the polyester fiber and the spandex fiber are spaced apart from each other. Settings.


There are three polyester fibers and spandex fibers in the elastic blended fabric, and a pure cotton layer is disposed on the elastic layer, a linen fiber layer is disposed between the pure cotton layer and the elastic layer, and an antibacterial layer is disposed between the linen fiber layer and the elastic layer. The antibacterial layer is a layer of activated carbon particles. The three are in a parallel function and provide better strength, combining the respective advantages of the three fibers. The fabric has better elasticity and better elongation and elongation, but it does not easily deform.