Stretch Fabric For Trousers design style and movement rhythm

- Mar 22, 2019-

Stretch Fabric For Trousers has good stretchability when used. The fabric continuously promotes the convenience of outdoor activities, fast and effective protection of muscle strength during stretching. The elasticity of the fabric keeps the garment in sync with the rhythm of the movement, protecting the body surface. On the basis of this, we will give greater play to the ability of human beings to break through the limits.


The waterproof fabric of trousers is elastic. In different outdoor complex environments, the wearer's clothing is in frequent contact with water. Our waterproof fabric provides more protection for outdoor clothing and blocks the moisture from the outside. Let our sports stay more dry and not affect the mood of the outdoor journey due to weather changes.


The design style of the trousers stretch fabric is novel and unique, and the elasticity is abundant. It is a better modification for outdoor mountain climbing, rock climbing and casual fashion sports. The fabric can perform functional performance according to different needs, such as water repellent, decontamination, quick drying, etc. Wait. Let more experience come to the outcome of our stretch fabric development.


The elastic force of the trousers stretch fabric keeps the clothing in sync with the rhythm of the movement, and on the basis of protecting the body surface, the ability to break through the limits is exerted. Generally, the fabric added with spandex (Leica) has elasticity. For example, ordinary polyester has no elasticity. If it is coated with spandex, it can have great elasticity. The spandex can be stretched five or six times, and the knitted fabric is also Elastic, but the strength is not good, and pulling hard will be bad.