Structural characteristics and finished product advantages of polyester cotton TC fabric

- Dec 18, 2018-

polyester cotton TC fabric refers to a fabric woven from polyester and cotton. The polyester has a composition of more than 60% and the cotton has a composition of less than 40%. That is to say, the polyester cotton TC fabric is a polyester-cotton blended fabric, which is made of polyester as the main component, and is made of 65%-67% polyester and 33%-35% cotton blended yarn. The polyester-cotton cloth is commonly known as cotton.


Polyester/cotton TC fabric has the advantages of both polyester and cotton, and its size is stable. It is usually used in cotton clothes, outdoor clothes, bags, linings, fashion, casual wear, sportswear, suits, overalls, trousers, etc. . The fabrics made of this kind of fabric have the advantages of: selected materials, soft and delicate hand feeling, comfortable and skin-friendly; wear-resistant, wear-resistant, moisture-absorbing and comfortable, comfortable to wear; active dyeing, environmental protection standards, quality assurance.


When purchasing polyester/cotton TC fabrics, users can choose different quality products according to their needs. In general, the larger the TC value, the higher the fineness of the fabric and the better the quality.