Style of 100 cotton herringbone fabric and fabric weaving process

- Dec 20, 2018-

The 100 cotton herringbone fabric has a special style and is special in hand, which is suitable for making fashion clothes. Because the thickness of the fabric is good, it is mainly used for winter and autumn clothes, mainly for casual wear. Different from general fabrics, 100 cotton herringbone fabric has the advantages of deodorization, breathability and comfort. Moreover, the cotton fabric has better moisture absorption and heat resistance.


In the production of 100 cotton herringbone fabric, the use of advanced processing for the printing and dyeing process, easily reach the printing and dyeing standards;


Secondly, due to the advanced technology, the finished 100 cotton herringbone fabric has good color fastness, good light perception and good quality;


In addition, the 100 cotton herringbone fabric also has a good sense of layering. This is because in the production process, the yarns of the warp and weft yarns are used at the same time, and the dyeing performance requirements are different. The half-dyed fabric can be used to increase the fabric pattern. This not only reduces pollution in the printing and dyeing production operation, but also reduces production costs.