The advantages and uses of stretch sateen fabric

- Apr 19, 2018-

Stretch sateen fabrics are of high quality and have a good sheen. It belongs to a satin weave fabric. The requirements of the fabric in the weaving process are more complicated. And the elastic satin fabric is very soft, is the most unique product in pure cotton fabric, so it is the first choice for high-grade trousers or windbreaker.


Under normal circumstances, stretch sateen fabrics are made of satin weaves and processed through a series of processes. Compared with other fabrics, this fabric is elegant and refined, not only has a satin effect, but also has elasticity. The fabric has a width of 73 inches and combines the comfortable texture of natural fibers with the elasticity of Lycra fiber. It has become the best choice for fashion fabrics such as suits, skirts, and trousers.


From the perspective of application, garments made of stretch sateen fabrics are not only very comfortable, but also give people a feeling of youthful vitality and are very attractive. Of course, the price of this kind of fabric is a bit high in the market, but due to its fine texture and unique style, it is still sampled and ordered by merchants everywhere.


The basic definition of stretched satin: Cotton yarn is a warp raw material, and cotton spandex core-spun yarn is a weft raw material, which is woven with a 4/1 or other organizational structure through a shaft or an air jet loom.


Elastic satin features: The fabric is environmentally friendly, natural, skin friendly, and has a certain degree of elasticity and comfort.


The use of elastic satin: At present, this fabric is mainly used as the preferred trousers for autumn and winter.


The production process of stretched satin mainly includes: sizing first, followed by warping, passing through and then woven into a grey cloth by a loom. The grey cloth is then processed into a color blank by a dyeing plant.