The advantages of stretch mercerized fabric and production process

- May 09, 2018-

Stretch mercerized fabric is a kind of special fabric with mercerized and elastic effect at the same time. Compared with other common fabrics, its advantage lies in bright color and silk fabric with general luster; and the fabric size is relatively stable, and the hanging feeling is relatively good. It is not easy to play ball.


Although we started late in the development and production of elastic mercerized fabrics, we have a relatively high level of start-up. We have advanced equipment such as air spinning, automatic winding, ball dyeing, shuttleless weaving, and heavy-duty pre-shrink finishing machines. It has created favorable conditions for the development of elastic mercerized fabrics and improvement of quality.


In order to give stretch mercerized fabrics high added value and improve product quality, in the finishing process, in addition to the conventional finishing process using elastic fabrics, a mercerizing finish was added after the desizing process. The process flow includes a series of steps such as blank inspection, singeing, desizing, mercerizing, water washing, setting, full weft, preshrinkage, inspection, and reeling.


Because the elastic fabrics in the weaving process need to withstand a large tensile force and friction, so the warp yarn sizing rate is larger, desizing is difficult, and is indigo dyeing, poor color fastness, improper handling, easy to cause color Flower, color, and color difference between head and tail. After repeated tests, it was determined that the enzyme desizing was used, and the long car steamed water washing method was used.


When the elastic mercerized fabric is formulated, five factors that have a great influence on the mercerizing effect, such as caustic soda concentration, vehicle speed, cloth tension after paddling caustic soda, padding rate of padding caustic soda, and mercerizing agent performance, should be based on different product specifications. As well as the requirements for the final product performance to consider comprehensively, optimize the combination and determine the best process parameters.


After testing, when the concentration of caustic soda is 240g/L, the amount of penetrant used is 10g/L, the mercerized mercerized silk fabric obtained has the best mercerizing effect. The liquid pick-up rate, vehicle speed, and cloth tension after soaking in alkali are also factors that need to be considered in the mercerizing process. Adjustments must be made according to the variety during production.


After that, the elastic mercerized fabric needs to be shaped. It is necessary to eliminate the internal stress and wrinkles after shaping to facilitate dimensional stability. Through experiments, it has been found that the setting temperature exceeds 180° C. and the elastic mercerized fabric strength is significantly reduced. Therefore, the setting temperature is controlled at 180° C., the vehicle speed is 30 m/min, and the tension is properly controlled.