The characteristics and color of stretch twill fabric

- Mar 28, 2018-

The stretch twill fabric should be dried during the production. To a certain extent, a one-meter-dried fabric is used to test the twist rate of the seamed cylinder, and the elastic twill fabric is controlled according to the twisting direction and degree of the tested cylindrical fabric. Stereotypes.

The stretch twill fabric is mainly made of full-cotton C16S×16S (70D) spandex-covered yarn and its specification is 92×45. We use 2/1 twill weave on air-jet looms. We have sizing, desizing, pre-shrinking and shaping. , dyeing and finishing and other processes made of a variety of processes, so that the fabric not only has a soft cotton style, but also both with the sense of flexibility.

The color of stretch twill fabrics is particularly popular with beige, camel, coffee, rose, special black, indigo, and autumn green. It can not only make casual clothes and suits, but also can be used for trousers, children's clothes, etc., into the upper body, both comfortable and beautiful and charming.

The stretch twill fabric fabric not only can interpret the style and characteristics of the clothing, but also directly influences the appearance and color of the garment. Correctly analyzing and identifying fabric properties and applying it to clothing design accurately and reasonably is a basic knowledge that every designer needs to master. Otherwise, wrong identification of fabrics may cause problems in the design, production, wearing, or washing of the entire clothing.