The characteristics and extensive application of polyester cotton interwoven fabric

- Jun 06, 2019-

Polyester cotton interwoven fabrics are widely used in tooling and casual wear fabrics. The products are made of filaments and combed cotton sand. The fabric is made of 3/1 or 4/1 twill. Polyester floats are much more than cotton, and cotton floats are concentrated on the back, as if the polyester covered the cotton, so it is also called polyester cotton.


The front of the polyester-cotton interwoven fabric is easy to dye bright colors, full of luster, high-strength cotton on the back, strong and comfortable. The fabric is especially suitable for dyeing fluorescent cloth, its color is bright, and the fluorescence can reach the standard. According to the characteristics of this product, Xinxiang Yulongfang mainly dyes three colors of fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent red. Polyester-cotton interwoven fabrics are available in both twill and satin. The weight is generally between 180 and 310 grams, and the ratio of polyester to cotton is proportional and inverse.


The main component of polyester-cotton interwoven fabric is cellulose, as well as a small amount of waxy substance and nitrogen and pectin. Cotton fabrics have been inspected and practiced in many aspects. The fabric is in contact with the skin without any stimulation, no negative effect, long-wearing is beneficial to the human body and has good hygienic performance.