The characteristics and organization of stretch sateen fabric

- Nov 15, 2018-

Stretch sateen fabric is made from cotton yarn material, which is more costly than other plain and twill weave products. The elastic satin fabric is smooth, delicate, lustrous and of higher grade. Because of its luster and softness, it is the most unique product in pure cotton fabric, so it is the first choice for high-grade trousers or windbreaker.


The structure of the elastic satin is usually made of satin or satin. The satin fabric is a textile woven from a satin weave of one of three basic fabric structures. The warp or weft of the satin fabric forms a number of separate, unconnected tissue or weft points in the fabric. The fabric is almost entirely covered by warp or weft, but the long lines in the satin fabric are prone to wear, fluff or The fibers are hooked out and the strength of such fabrics is lower than that of plain and twill fabrics.


The surface of the elastic satin satin weave has a diagonal line, but the diagonal lines are different from the twill. The warp and weft yarns are interlaced less frequently, have a smooth and bright appearance, and have a soft texture.