The characteristics and price of elastic herringbone oblique fabric

- Jul 19, 2018-

The clothes produced by the elastic herringbone oblique fabric not only have good elasticity, but also have super-stretching flexibility; at the same time, there is also a beautiful shape, which plays a role in modifying the body shape. The elastic herringbone oblique fabric is usually made of polyester-polyamide composite yarn and spandex core-spun yarn. It is made of jacquard weaving. The craftsmanship is unique and the dyeing and finishing technology is advanced, which makes the fabric jacquard pattern have both three-dimensional and layered feeling. Let people see at a glance.


The elastic herringbone oblique fabric not only possesses the characteristics and style of polyester-cotton fabric, but also has the stretchable elastic function of spandex fabric. It is a rare and suitable material for dressing up women's clothing and dressing up. It is both beautiful and charming, and gives people a sense of beauty.


From the price point of view, the price difference of the elastic herringbone oblique fabric produced by different manufacturers is not very large. According to the batch of 500 kg, the weight of one square meter of elastic herringbone fabric is 80 grams. Users can make purchases according to their own needs.