The characteristics of colored cotton polyester fabric and its difference with Colored Cotton Polyester Fabric

- Mar 08, 2019-

Colored Cotton Polyester Fabric refers to polyester fiber and cotton fiber blended fabric. Polyester is the main component. Polyester/cotton blend is made of polyester. It is made of 65%-67% cotton and 33%-35% polyester. Yarn woven into yarn.


The color cotton polyester fabric is characterized by strong elasticity and is the best anti-wrinkle in all fibers, heat and light resistance, and has a good primary setting performance. Colored cotton polyester fabrics and polyester/cotton fabrics have the same range of applications. Both fabrics are mainly used for making garments, especially for making shirts.


However, the color of the cotton polyester fabric is 60%, and the polyester content is only 40%. Its cotton content is more than polyester/cotton fabric, so its hand feel is more comfortable and soft, and polyester/cotton fabric has high polyester fiber content, so polyester/cotton fabric has better heat resistance and light resistance and stability.


The above is the difference between colored cotton polyester fabric and polyester/cotton fabric. After understanding, we can better buy shirts. If you want to be softer, choose a cotton-polyester shirt. If you want to be smooth and breathable, you can choose a polyester fabric shirt.


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