The characteristics of plain weave fabric and its application in clothing

- Jul 14, 2018-

The so-called plain weave is actually a criss-cross weave. During the weaving process, the warp and weft yarns are interlaced into a loop. Because of the many interweaving points of the plain weave fabric, the structure is firm and firm, and the appearance is flat, but compared with other fabrics, the hand feel is relatively rigid. If the density of the plain fabric is small, the length of the float is larger, the bending resistance is small, and the fabric becomes soft, otherwise the feel is

Because of the many interlacing points, the floating line of the plain fabric is shorter than the twill and satin fabric, the texture is firm, firm and flat, and the abrasion resistance is better than other tissue fabrics of the same specification, the strength is high, the cloth surface is even and the front and back are The same, widely used in the field of custom clothing


According to the cotton polyester content and unit specifications, plain fabrics can be customized with round neck T-shirts and custom lapel T-shirts, which can be roughly divided into cotton, Lycra, modal and quick-drying fabrics. Among them, cotton plain fabric round neck T-shirt, Lycra cotton fabric round neck T-shirt, suitable for daily casual wear, cotton fabric moisture absorption and wicking function is better, does not irritate the skin, home leisure is more comfortable; Modal fabric T-shirt and quick-drying fabric The T-shirt fabric is brightly colored, the fabric is soft and refreshing, easy to wash and not deformed, and is more suitable for casual sports wear.