The classification requirements and finishing of soft herringbone fabrics

- May 23, 2018-

The fabric structure of the soft herringbone fabric can be effectively divided into two pairs of diagonal patterns. To a certain extent, the 45° left oblique cotton fabric has a more pronounced positive diagonal pattern in the process of operation. The opposite of its variegated twill is not obvious. The number of warp and weft yarns is close to each other, and the density is slightly higher than the weft density. The hand feels softer than the card.

Product category of soft herringbone fabric

The soft sloping fabrics can be effectively divided into fine twill and coarse twill to a certain extent. Under normal circumstances, the twill fabrics are mainly used with cotton yarns of No. 32 or above, and fine twill fabrics with sewers of 18 or less. (More than 32 English branches) Cotton yarns are used as warp and weft yarns.

The soft herringbone fabric will have its whiteness, variegated colors and bleaching to a certain extent. In the process of use, it is often used in the sportswear, sports shoes folder, often used as a uniform, emery cloth fabric And spacers. The wide-format bleached twill can be used as a sheet and can be used as a bed sheet after printing. Twill and mottled fine twill weaves are finished with electro-optic or calender finishing. They can be used as umbrellas and clothing clips.

Soft sheer fabrics are also a late show of mixed fabrics to a certain extent. This is mainly because people love their unique styles. In addition to the affordable fabrics, the appearance of fabrics is very important. The fresh and refined, charming style, texture, feel, style, function and other aspects are better than other mixed fabrics.

The soft sloping fabric is mainly used for the twill weave to a certain extent. In the process of production, weaving is mainly performed on a water jet loom, which has been effectively processed through a series of finishing processes such as dyeing and finishing. This cloth width is 150cm, weighing about 120 grams per meter, suitable for the production of men and women trousers, casual wear and women's skirts and other clothing, into the upper body, both comfortable and decent, but also make the current youth charm. Twill structure is relatively soft, as for the use, design of the design, the general twill warp float long, shiny soft feel, and more for clothing bedding category. In contrast, the baby is a bit better with soft.