The composition and advantages of waterproof cotton nylon stretch fabric

- Oct 30, 2018-

As its name suggests, waterproof cotton nylon stretch fabric is a kind of elastic waterproof fabric. The primary raw material is the surface and rubber band. In the process of textile, it gradually participates in the high-strength rubber band and then mixes it. Stretch fabrics. Waterproof cotton brocade fabric is a new synthetic fabric, not made by our traditional woven fabric skills. It belongs to the field of non-woven fabrics.


The waterproof cotton nylon stretch fabric is made of a hollow crimped fiber and a fiber with a very low melting point. When blended, it participates in a very fine high-strength rubber band, so the elastic cotton component is not only 98. % cotton also contains 2% rubber. The fibers of the waterproof cotton brocade fabric are three-dimensionally distributed. It not only has the characteristics of natural fabrics, but also matches the fashionable clothing that advocates nature.


The biggest advantage of waterproof cotton nylon stretch fabric is its ductility, and it is this huge advantage that makes stretch fabrics more used to plan outdoor sportswear. Sportswear made of waterproof cotton brocade fabric is very stretchable and will not affect your movements. Instead, it will maintain muscles and reduce the cost of effort. Good fabrics are never restricted to one place. The beginning of stretch fabrics is used in the planning of casual wear. The stretch fabric after dyes has a lot of color choices.