The development trend of cotton polyester stretch fabric and its washing skills

- May 14, 2019-

Cotton polyester stretch fabric is a product of polyester yarn and cotton stretch yarn, not polyester/cotton blend fabric. The cotton polyester stretch fabric is made of filament or twisted filaments, interlaced with cotton stretch yarn, and then transformed into many high-quality varieties with various structural structures, yarn counts and density changes. The fabric is smooth and smooth and very suitable. Make a casual coat.


In recent years, cotton polyester stretch fabrics tend to develop in a thin direction. Polyester is even changed into 20D single-hole yarn, and then interlaced with high-strength combed cotton stretch yarn, which is very suitable for spring and summer casual women's wear. And along this line of thought, the weft yarn is no longer limited to cotton, but the elastic yarn such as human cotton, Tencel, and Modal has been introduced, and the product sequence has been greatly enriched.


The advantage of monofilament cotton polyester stretch fabric is that the polyester content is extremely low, generally only below 20%, and the cotton composition is almost more than 80%, which ensures the wearing comfort. Use a mild detergent for the washing of cotton polyester stretch fabrics. Never use alkaline detergent or washing liquid when washing.


Do not wash for a long time. Wash with a gentle wool file. After washing and drying, apply low-temperature ironing. During use, washing or storage, it may cause a lot of wrinkles, so be sure to use medium and low temperature ironing. In particular, you can't pull the sides hot, otherwise it will easily lead to fabric deformation and affect the appearance.