The difference between cotton-polyester fabric and cotton-polyester fabric

- Dec 26, 2017-

Polyester-cotton fabric means the polyester-cotton blended fabric, polyester as main ingredients, using 65% - 67% polyester and 33% - 35% cotton blended yarn woven fabrics, also known as dacron.
Characteristics of polyester-cotton :
Has both highlights the style of the polyester and cotton fabric strength, under the condition of dry or wet,the elasticity and abrasion resistance are better,dimension stability, shrinkage is small, with tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash, quick drying.
Disadvantages ofpolyester-cotton:
Polyester-cotton fabric is easy adsorption oil, electrostatic adsorption dust in wearing process ,and difficult to wash, also cannot use hot iron and boiling water immersion.
Classification of polyester-cotton:
Customers who buy shirts often know that many of the shirts are marked with polyester cotton or cotton polyester.
Polyester cotton fabric is composition of more than 60% polyester, less than 40% cotton ;Cotton-polyester is the opposite, with more than 60% cotton and less than 40% polyester .
Sopolyester cottonand cotton polyester is two kinds of fabrics, which is better?This depends on the customer's preferences and actual needs.
Polyester-cotton blended fabric is a variety developed in China in the early 1960s. The fiber has the characteristics of crisp, smooth, fast dry and durable, and is deeply loved by consumers.Currently, blended varieties has been increased by the proportion of 65% polyester and 35% cotton developed into 55:45, 50:50, 20:80 , to adapt to different levels of consumers’ demands.