The difference between cotton-polyester fabric and polyester-cotton fabric

- Jan 31, 2021-

The two kinds of fabrics contain different proportions of ingredients: although cotton-polyester fabrics and polyester-cotton fabrics are made of a blend of cotton and polyester fibers, the cotton content of cotton-polyester fabrics is 60%, and the polyester content is only forty. The opposite is true for polyester-cotton fabrics. Its polyester fiber content is 60% and cotton fiber content is 40%. The advantages and disadvantages of the two fabrics are different: although both cotton-polyester fabrics and polyester-cotton fabrics have the common characteristics of polyester fibers and cotton fibers, the difference in composition ratio will inevitably lead to differences in advantages and disadvantages. Cotton-polyester fabric contains more cotton than polyester-cotton fabrics, so it has a more comfortable and soft feel, while polyester-cotton fabrics have high polyester fiber content, so polyester-cotton fabrics have better heat and light resistance and better stability.