The difference between cotton polyester sateen fabric and cotton

- May 15, 2018-

Cotton polyester sateen fabric and cotton are often the two most commonly contrasted fabrics when people choose fabrics. In comparison, cotton has a lower price, feels comfortable, and has a deodorizing function; while cotton and polyester satin is elegant and exquisite, glossy and exquisite. Both have different advantages.


Cotton polyester sateen fabric is also known as a satin fabric. This is a very complicated fabric for the weaving process. It is mainly woven from warp and weft yarns that are interwoven at the lowest three yarns. The density of cotton polyester satin is approximately 173x124cm, which proves that it is a combed fabric.


For example, cotton polyester sateen fabric 60*40 refers to the density of the fabric, that is, the number of warp or weft yarns the fabric has per unit length. Density is divided into the warp density and the weft density. The method of measurement is expressed by the number of yarns in one inch length in China.


And we often say that cotton refers to fabrics containing more than 95% cotton, generally including plain cloth, poplin, twill and so on. Cotton fabrics are breathable and comfortable to wear. Moreover, cotton prices are lower and more people-friendly.


From the feel and performance point of view, the feel of the cotton fabric feels very good, and has the characteristics of personal comfort, water absorption, deodorant and washable. However, many cotton fabrics have some fatal shortcomings of shrinking or discoloration. This shrinking phenomenon is inevitable even after shrink-proof treatment. Therefore, it is likely to cause us to use the inconvenience.


The cotton polyester sateen fabric feel very smooth and delicate, from the surface, the satin is very smooth and full of luster. Satin is more comfortable than cotton and feels better. In addition, cotton and polyester satin fabrics are thicker and heavier than plain or twill fabrics, and therefore have good abrasion resistance. Usually, the satin surface has some elegant and elegant jacquard or embroidered decoration, which is colorful and noble, and reflects a very high-grade feeling.