The difference between Tencel and cotton

- Jan 18, 2018-

Tencel is a cellulose fiber, using solvent spinning technology, dry strength is slightly lower than that of polyester, but significantly higher than the viscose fiber, viscose wet ratio has improved significantly, with very high rigidity, good dimensional stability washing (only 2% shrinkage), moisture absorption is higher. The fiber cross-section is round or oval, shiny and beautiful, soft hand feeling, good drapability, elegant and good. To sum up: warm and soft Tencel with 1 cotton 2 polyester high tenacity 3 wool
Cotton fabric is made of cotton as raw material, woven through weaving machine, weft and weft yarn interweave each other. At present, the actual processing of cotton sources are divided into primary cotton fabric and regenerated cotton fabric. The cotton containing more than 75% cotton is pure cotton. In general, it has good moisture absorption, heat preservation, heat resistance, alkali and sanitation.
Shortcomings 1. easy to wrinkle, and wrinkle after more difficult to smooth. 2. easy to shrink, the shrinkage rate of pure cotton is 2% to 5%, after special processing, or washing water treatment exceptions. 3. easy to deformation, lack of elasticity, cotton clothing is easy to deformation, especially in summer, because the fabric is thin. 4. easy to stick to hair, it's hard to remove it completely. 5., acid resistance, especially acid. When concentrated sulfuric acid is stained with cotton cloth, cotton cloth is burned into holes. When acid (such as vinegar) is accidentally got on the clothes, it should be cleaned in time, so as not to cause fatal damage to the clothes by acetic acid.