The naming reasons and main features of stretch herringbone fabric

- Dec 06, 2018-

The stretch herringbone fabric is made of cotton and nylon as raw materials and is produced by blending process. The fabric has the advantages of warm winter and cool in summer, soft, breathable, small shrinkage, not easy to hook up, not easy to pilling, smooth and firm wrinkle. It is easy to care, effectively prevents moisture absorption and re-sticking, and does not lose the simple texture of cotton fabric. The stretch herringbone fabric is much better than the cotton, which is easy to wrinkle and adhere after moisture absorption.


Since the surface texture of the stretch herringbone fabric looks like a "person", it is named as a herringbone oblique fabric. At present, the conventional materials for professional wear, the herringbone oblique is a classic fabric, in addition to the herringbone oblique, as long as the regular pattern of the fabric can be the choice of materials for professional wear.


Business wear usually requires that the fabric be wide and not wrinkle-free, and that it needs to be comfortable and breathable. For these requirements, the stretch herringbone fabric fits perfectly, and the professional wear made of stretch herringbone fabric looks very solemn and solemn. Coupled with a certain degree of elasticity, it will be more comfortable to wear.