The performance of stretch fabrics and the type of clothing they are suitable for

- Jul 05, 2019-

The elastic properties of stretch fabrics include both resilience and elasticity. Resilience refers to the ability of the elastic fabric to bend, fold, etc. under the action of external force, and the fabric returns to its original state when the external force disappears. Elasticity refers to the tensile deformation of the elastic fabric under the action of external force. When the external force disappears, the fabric returns to the original size, which can indirectly express the basic properties of the elastic fiber in the elastic fabric.


Stretch fabrics Good stretch fabrics continue to promote the convenience of outdoor activities, fast and effective protection of the muscles in the strength of stretching, the fabric's elasticity makes the clothing and movement rhythm keep pace, on the basis of protecting the body surface, play a greater role The ability of humans to break through the limits.


In different outdoor complex environments, the athlete's clothing is in frequent contact with water, and the stretch fabric provides more protection for the outdoor clothing and blocks the moisture from the outside. Let our sports stay more dry and not affect the mood of the outdoor journey due to weather changes.


Stretch fabric can also meet the needs of mountaineering styles and sports functions. The fabric design style is novel and unique, and the elasticity is abundant. It can be used for outdoor climbing, rock climbing and casual fashion sports. The fabric can be functionalized according to different needs. Performance, like water-repellent, decontamination, quick-drying, etc.