The structure of cotton nylon poplin fabric and its market price

- Sep 06, 2018-

Cotton nylon poplin fabric refers to the elastic woven fabric that is interwoven with medium and high cotton yarn and nylon elastic yarn. Most of them are plain and thin cotton brocade fabrics, mainly for shirts and shirts. The cotton brocade fabrics are made of 40S, 50S, 60S, 60S/2, 80S/2 and 100S/2, respectively, and the latitude is thinner nylon elastic yarns below 70D+40D.


Cotton nylon poplin fabric can also be called thin cotton brocade fabric. The use of cotton yarn as warp yarn ensures high cotton content, so the fabric has strong moisture wicking ability, so cotton brocade fabric is still relatively comfortable high quality shirt fabric. Generally, its weight is controlled in the range of 75-130G/SM, which is light and thin, and it is cool and light in summer.


The nylon elastic yarn in the cotton nylon poplin fabric is used as the weft direction to ensure high strength, and at the same time, the cloth surface has a silky feeling, which is beautiful and clean, and is not as heavy and stiff as cotton elastic cloth. . The cross-combination of warp cotton and weft nylon elastic yarn, combined with the adjustment of density and thickness, makes the fabric have different characteristics.


The market price of cotton nylon poplin fabric is relatively low and relatively transparent, basically within 16 yuan / meter, see the specific details require a little floating; 60S/2, 80S/2 and 100S/2 are all high-strand The higher the yarn count, the more expensive it is. The most common cotton brocade fabrics on the market are the 50SX40D+20D and 40SX70D+40D.