The three-dimensional feeling and structural form of polyester-cotton blended twill fabric

- Aug 24, 2018-

The weft and warp yarns of the polyester-cotton blended twill fabric are interlaced at least once. The twill fabric is relatively thick, and the three-dimensional texture is stronger than that of the plain weave. The twill fabric is better recognized because the warp and weft of the twill fabric are intertwined. The surface of the fabric presents a structured form of diagonal lines.

The characteristics of polyester-cotton blended twill fabric are that there are positive and negative sides, less interlacing points, longer floating lines, softer feel and higher density. The whole product is thicker and has a stronger three-dimensional texture. Twill fabric refers to warp and weft. At least two yarns are interlaced once, and the fabric of the fabric structure is changed by adding the warp and weft interlacing points. The fabric structure is a fabric with two upper twill and 45° left oblique, the front twill pattern is obvious, and the reverse side of the variegated twill is not obvious.

The polyester-cotton blended twill fabric has similar warp and weft yarn counts, and the density is slightly higher than that of weft density, and the hand feel is softer than khaki. The twill fabric is divided into two types: thick twill and fine twill. The characteristics of the twill fabric: there are points of the front and back, a small number of interlacing points in a complete tissue cycle, long floating line, soft touch, high density of tissue fabric, thicker product, strong stereoscopic tissue. There are 30, 40, and 60 counts.