The use and characteristics of cotton nylon poplin fabric

- May 08, 2018-

A wide variety of fabrics, each fabric has its unique production process, performance characteristics and practical uses. Then, as one of the cotton/cotton poplin fabrics, what is it used for? What is the price of cotton-cotton poplin fabrics on the market today?


Cotton nylon poplin fabric is a kind of poplin fabric made by adding a certain proportion of spandex made of cotton brocade as raw material, and the elastic woven fabric interlaced with high-strength cotton yarn and nylon elastic yarn is mostly plain-weave cotton wadding. Stretch fabric, mainly shirt shirt, can also be used to make bags, hats, children's pillows, labor insurance and other clothing.


In fact, cotton brocade is made of pure cotton yarn and nylon filament interwoven on an air jet loom. Specifications include plain weave, twill weave, extinction, square root, etc. Its characteristics are that the fabric is glossy and full-colored, feels full, elasticity is good, and the color is soft. The drape is good and the shrinkage rate is small; while the poplin is a fine, smooth and shiny plain cotton fabric woven from cotton, polyester, wool, brocade or blended yarns. It is a uniform warp and weft yarn. It is woven into a densely structured fabric that is then singed, refined, mercerized, bleached and printed, dyed, and finished.


If the cotton nylon poplin fabrics are distinguished by warp yarn counts, there are 40S, 50S, 60S, 60S/2, 80S/2, and 100S/2, respectively. Their latitude is 70D+40D or less. Thin nylon stretch yarn, made of warp yarn cotton yarn to ensure high cotton content, so that its ability to absorb moisture and strong.


The grammage of cotton-cotton poplin fabrics is generally controlled within the range of 75-130G/SM. It is light and thin, and is cool and light in summer. At the same time, let the fabric have a silky feel, beautiful and clean, and it will not be as heavy and fragile as the cotton elastic cloth. Cotton-cotton-elastic poplin is composed of warp yarns and weft nylon elastic yarns. It is combined with density and thickness to adjust. There are many categories and the grades are quite different.


Cotton nylon poplin fabrics are relatively low-priced and relatively transparent, and they are all basically within 16 yuan/meter. See specific requirements for a slight float; 60S/2, 80S/2 and 100S/2 are all high warp yarns. Branch line, the market price is not less than 20 yuan / meter, the higher the more expensive yarn, like 100S/2X40D +20 D are basically at 23 yuan / meter or more, are high-end fashion brands like a class of unconventional cotton Jin poplin fabric.