The use characteristics and rigidity requirements of cotton brocade anti-fracture fabric

- Jan 18, 2019-

To a certain extent, the cotton brocade anti-fracture fabric will have a bright overall color due to the implantation of the metal wire. If there is a metal enamel, it can reflect the unique luster of the metal. However, it should be noted that the characteristics of the wire fabric are not only on the metallic luster, but also have the function of static electricity and radiation protection, which is more conducive to the adjustment of various aspects of the body.

The use characteristics of cotton brocade anti-fracture fabric

1. It is made of metal wire interwoven with polyester and nylon filament. The surface of the fabric has metallic luster, which is faintly flashing and changes with the change of light source.

2. Metal filaments have special rigidity and variable bending, so the fabric has a special variable shape memory wrinkle effect.

3. The fabric has the functional effect of health concepts such as radiation protection and antistatic. Due to the above characteristics, the fabric is suitable for the manufacture of men's and women's fashion coats, high-grade casual cotton coats, casual down jackets, and more elegant, luxurious, romantic and tasteful.