There are several conventional materials for jacket fabrics?

- Jul 31, 2018-

The composition of the jacket is divided into a variety of materials. First of all, the jacket fabric has high-grade fabrics, such as sheepskin, cowhide, horseskin, etc. of natural leather, and of course, high-quality chemical fiber blending and purified fiber fabrics of wool-polyester blending, wool-cotton blending, special treatment. . For medium and high-grade jacket fabrics, it is a variety of medium and long fiber tweed, imitation sheepskin and so on. There is also a medium and low-grade fabric, and it is very common to use cotton and cotton blended cotton and other common fabrics.


At present, our common jacket fabrics are mainly cotton or polyester, cotton material, leather or PU leather material, some tooling fabric materials, denim fabric materials, etc. The classification of jacket fabrics mainly ensures that the jackets have a good degree of firmness, and the windproof effect of these fabrics is also good during the wearing process.


At present, the leather jacket is generally favored by people. The leather material can protect the wind from the wind, and its breathability is also very good. It does not make people feel that the skin is not breathable. However, leather jackets will be higher in price, so many good quality PU jacket fabrics can also be purchased. Compared with leather materials, they are also very cost-effective.


If you prefer a cool and handsome jacket, you can also consider denim fabrics as jacket fabrics, and you can also diversify in shape and tailoring, showing a unique effect.