Tissue point and gloss of colored Cotton Polyester Plain Fabric

- Apr 18, 2019-

The colored Cotton Polyester Plain Fabric has a uniform, evenly distributed, uniform distribution of tissue points (or weft tissue points) in the tissue cycle during operation. Such a tissue is called a satin weave. The individual tissue points of the satin weave are covered by the long lines of the other system yarns on both sides of the fabric, and the surface of the fabric is stretched with long lines (or long lines of weft), so the surface of the fabric is shiny and soft to the touch.


The polyester cotton plain fabric has cotton and cotton, so it is comfortable to wear, and polyester is purely chemical. It is easy to get static electricity and easy to stick to the body. People feel very bad. People generally like to buy 80 cotton, plus some other. The clothes of the fiber are not easy to wrinkle because they are added with some other fiber clothes, and are not easily deformed.


The color cotton polyester plain fabric is 100% cotton. The old people generally wear this fabric. Because it is comfortable, and the old man's skin should be well protected, this fabric is very suitable. Cotton is easy to pleat, so be careful when wearing it. If the socks are pure cotton, then it may be worn for one or two months.