Twill changes the type of tissue

- Mar 06, 2018-

On the basis of the twill weaves, weaved weft and weft points, changed weave diagonal, number of fly or both ways can evolve a variety of twill weave.

1. To strengthen the twill: twill weave based on the addition of weft and weft points, the most commonly used are □ double-sided to strengthen the twill; 2. Compound twill: the general cycle of the larger number of twill weave, the fabric surface presents A group of width and depth of different shades of darkness; 3 angle twill: change the number of the fly number can make weave slant angle changes. Commonly used is more than 45 ° inclination angle of the organization, with a large by the dense, so weaving full and oblique slash. Chocolate Ding, tribute and other combed wool fabric is the angle of twill; 4. Yamagata twill: from the left and right oblique lines arranged in a mountain-weave texture);

5. Broken twill: from left and right direction of the slash according to certain requirements arranged so that weaving slash suddenly interrupted the organization.

In addition there are shadow twill, diamond twill, curve twill and many other, most of the weaved image named. Twill weave is one of the main organizations used to increase the texture of weaves.