Twill fabric is more expensive than pure cotton Twill cotton and pure cotton which is better

- Mar 28, 2020-

Is twill expensive or pure cotton? Which is better, twill or cotton? To say that twill fabric is different from pure cotton fabric, first of all, it is called differently. Secondly, there is still a certain difference in the fabric. Cotton generally also adds some polymer fibers to enhance a certain three-dimensional feeling, but the overall and overall differences are small, the feel is almost the same, and the warmth is almost equal. Then the shrinkage of pure cotton will be more serious, easy to wrinkle, and it will be much better than comprehensive. Both feel better on the touch and are skin-friendly.

Silk or cotton was expensive that day? At present, because twill fabrics are scarce resources and there are few categories, twill fabrics are affected by the MOQ, dyeing and finishing factors, etc., resulting in general twill fabrics are more expensive than pure cotton. However, due to the high count of cotton, especially long-staple cotton, the cost of raw materials is not low, and other treatments such as anti-wrinkle and iron-free, may be more expensive than Tencel cotton. Therefore, whether twill is expensive or pure cotton depends on the quality standards of the raw materials, the spinning and dyeing process, and the subsequent finishing.