Two metrics for the quality of stretch fabric for women's trousers

- Nov 02, 2018-

Stretch fabric for women's trousers have always been a popular fashion casual fabric. Compared with non-stretch fabrics with the same raw materials, stretch denim fabrics reduce the sense of restraint, free movement, more suitable for casual sports, and stretch fabrics can be used for slim fashion, for body Better female friends, wearing elastic denim fabrics and slim women's clothing, can really increase a lot of confidence, so women's pants stretch fabrics are widely used in casual women's clothing.


The standard for measuring the quality of women's trousers is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the comfortable and environmentally friendly material, and the other is the fashion style of the cloth. Material is always the deciding factor of the quality of the fabric, and it is no exception for stretch fabrics. Natural cotton silk hair and new type of regenerated cellulose are very high-quality raw materials in the upper layer, because the natural raw materials have strong ventilation and moisture permeability, and the summer sweat-permeable winter keeps warm, while the new regenerated cellulose fiber is derived from the original ecological plant fiber. In terms of function, it is no less than natural materials, so these women's pants stretch surface dishes are of course used as excellent casual fashion fabrics.


Like other fabrics, women's trousers stretch fabrics should be innovative in terms of texture appearance to adapt to fashion trends, and to meet people's aesthetic needs by adjusting the cloth mechanism and feel. Stretched fabrics will continue to be the mainstream of fashion women's fabrics, combining materials and textures to create a comfortable, environmentally friendly and new stretch fabric.